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this mix never stops being good


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squishy lady


squishy lady

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an important bus ride



RAV 10
8 bux + s&h

BUY IT HERE: http://pricetapes.storenvy.com/collections/236190-all-products/products/8716881-rav-10

or at RIPexpo!

126 pages, classic black on white risograph printed interior with 3 color riso cover 


in this issue:

sally trudges through a snowy tundra and is later very verbal, the snake prince and august find a mysterious and as of yet unresolved surprise in the tunnel, main marian missteps, juice does something terrible, mothball throws some punches, and ben plays the world.


BONUSs: FANART CONTEST … 3 best fanarts get a free copy of RAV 10, mailed to them anywhere in the world. SECRET HINT: nobody is going to participate in this contest, so if you participate, you will probably win. complete said fanart by AUG 2ND and tag spideretc so i can see it

also reblog this thing thanks  guys


Mickey Z. is at it again! RAV 10 is available and she’s holding a contest too!

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